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Best LTL Provider

Mass Global Logistics provides the highest quality LTL services in our industry. We only work with the top carriers in safety and on-time delivery. Most of our customers ship to big-box retailers that expect their delivery compliance to be met in order to avoid chargebacks. We also manage many of our customer's inbound freight and remove all extra work of receiving and inbound scheduling. 

If you are looking for the best quality LTL service we are here to help.

Standard LTL

Cargo Trailer Truck Parked Loading at Dock Warehouse. Freight Truck. Shipment. Delivery Se

Most cost effective solution that will deliver freight safely and within compliance of the delivery location.

Guaranteed LTL

Cargo shipment. Loading package Boxes. Worker holding clipboard inspecting document. Suppl

Time sensitive shipments that are priortized over standard ltl giving them a much higher probability of delivering on time.

Expedited LTL

Forklift Tractor Loading Package Boxes on Pallet into Cargo Container. TrailerTruck Parked

Moves faster than standard transit days and can move coast to coast in as little as 48 hours.

Temperature Controlled LTL

Worker Stand-on stacker truck used to lift and move the ready meals goods stock in cold ro

Frozen, cooled, and temperature controlled moved with the most reliable carriers with the best safety rating.

Overnight Air LTL

Loading platform of air freight to the aircraft.jpg

Freight that needs to be delivered anywhere in the USA or North America as next day air. Complete door to door service.

International LTL

Shipping Cargo Container.Trailer Truck Parked Loading Package Boxes at Dock Warehouse. Car

Less than container shipment can be picked up from and delivered to anywhere in the world door to door.

Business process automation using flowchart swimlane diagram. Concept with manager or cons


We begin working on your shipment when you receive the PO. Our team processes each PO and provides the warehouse with the date we need the shipment picked up in order to deliver by the due date. We also provide the warehouse with the carrier name, BOL#, and PRO# to include this information on all shipment paperwork

We work with your warehouse to confirm each shipment will be ready by the date we need to pick up and make adjustments as necessary

Once the shipment is ready we provide the warehouse with the BOL and schedule pick up. We track each truck from each carrier to confirm pick up is made successfully and no freight is left behind

Once the shipment has been picked up it is tracked twice daily and adjustments are made to make sure it is delivered on time. If freight is lost or routed incorrectly we are able to make changes immediately and prevent delays, damage, and lost shipments.

Once the shipment is delivered we review the proof of delivery the same day and update you with any issues. If any shipment is short delivered we begin working on identifying the missing pallets immediately. If anything is damaged we begin working on a claim immediately to maximize your probability of reimbursement.

Our speed and care allows us to get the best results for our customers protecting their freight and keeping their overall costs low

Image by Stephen Dawson

Customer Access

We provide you with real time access for each one of your shipments allowing you to see all deliveries, appointments, and changes immediately. Our system allows us to incorporate your in house order numbers so you can manage your workflow efficiently.

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