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Full Truckload

Truckload today has become extremely complex, expensive, and unreliable. MGL eliminated complexities by working directly with only the best drivers that arrive on time for pick up, are professional, deligent, and can deliver freight within compliance of the consignee. Just like with our customers, we believe in relationships with our drivers and provide them with the best resources to do their job well. We track our trucks with Live GPS and dispatch each driver directly from our office avoiding no-shows.

Dry Van

Image by Sander Yigin

Access to over 55,000 high quality 53' Dry Vans anywhere within the USA. We work hard to make sure we can pick up any shipment same day from any part of the country.

Temperature Controlled

Tractor and trailer parked on a Highway rest stop area - October 2016 - Interstate 10 at T

Access to over 3,500 cold chain trucks that can deliver pharmaceutical grade shipments with temperature validated data probes, thermal mapping, and recording devices to ensure your shipment is well protected and within its desired temperature range. 

Teams Expedited

Moving Truck

Access to over 1,100 team drivers that can move any shipment coast to coast within 48 hours. We work with our teams to maximize their breaks so they are available with full hours anytime you need them. Our team expedited drivers can pick up and deliver any shipment 24/7/365.

High Value Loads

Forklift loader in storage warehouse ship yard. Distribution products. Delivery. Logistics

Shipments valued more than $500k are high value. The driver will apply security seal, drive 200 miles after pick up, is GPS monitored, called twice daily, and will not leave truck unattended more than 20 minutes. POD is received immediately and we confirm delivery with consignee.

Live Tracking

Aerial view of self driving autopilot cars driving on a highway with technology tracking t

Shipment assigned to our driver has live GPS tracking, ensuring safety and on time arrival to pick up location. We monitor their truck continuously to ensure no delays and shipment safety.

Direct Dispatched

Modern Semi Truck Vehicle Driver Talking to His Truck Dispatcher Making Sure Deliver Will

MGL directly dispatches to maintain communication with the driver at all times. This allows us to streamline pick up, manage in transit challenges, and deliver on time within complaince.

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