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Mass Global Logistics is a full-service transportation provider that will improve your entire business. We use our in-house proprietary technology to improve and manage every aspect of your freight shipping.  Each person in your company will receive custom reporting for exactly what they need. We strive to build long term successful relationships with all of our customers.

We guarantee our quality of service is the best you will experience in our industry

Your calls will always be answered
Emails replied to within 5 minutes

We value your business by being available when you need us. Our technology and culture is created around the idea of answering every single one of your calls and replying to your emails within 5 minutes.

Your costs will go down through streamlined operations

We eliminate inefficiencies by streamlining your needs from PO to invoice. We have long term relationships with our carriers to keep costs LOW even with the current economic and fuel price hikes. Our customers rely on us to find solutions to keep the cost of each lane manageable.

Open 7 am to 7 pm est High Priority shipments managed 24/7/365

Your warehouse isn't just open from 9 to 5. Our office opens at 6 am EST to accommodate most early warehouse hours. We are also open until 9 pm EST to accommodate the second shift and your west coast warehouse. For all high priority shipments, we have a primary and secondary person on call to manage any challenges with pick up, in transit, and delivery.

Your big box retailer chargebacks will be eliminated

We have eliminated chargebacks from Amazon, Target, Walmart, Vitamin Shoppe, Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, UNFI, Trader Joe's, and many others. We understand the complexities of how each retailer wants shipments delivered and work with you to achieve 100% chargebacks elimination. We have achieved $0 in chargebacks for all of our customers since 2017.

Your freight will be safe from getting lost or damaged

We work with only the best quality carriers to move your freight safely, without getting lost. We have drastically reduced damaged freight for our customers by managing each aspect of the truck picking up, the terminal your freight travels through, and how it is delivered. Our proprietary in house recovery system has the lowest  rate for lost freight within the industry.

Your entire company's experience will improve

We streamline every aspect of logistics for your entire company. We will provide you with a custom solution that fits your company's every need. Each department will be provided with the information they need in order to be successful. Departments, we regularly provide direct information to are Shipping, Warehouse, Operations, Sales, Purchasing, Finance, and Accounting. Any of your team members can contact us directly regarding any of their needs at any time.

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